7. February 2024

SCHADE Lagertechnik

A breakthrough for SCHADE

It is 1919. The small forging and fitting workshop in Dortmund has developed into a flourishing business. Coalmining has become the most significant driver of product range expansion, and Gustav Schade’s “wheelbarrow” is sidelined in favour of conveying equipment for the mining of this black gold. The business grows exponentially and finds its second home […]

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23. January 2024

AUMUND Logistic, AUMUND Fördertechnik

Final destination – football field

A container for SV Concordia Rheinberg For Club President Dieter Wieckhorst there was only one thing missing for his passionate footballers at SV Concordia to be completely happy, “We were urgently in need of a dry place to keep the equipment needed for matches and training. There is no suitable space close to the sportsground.” […]

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15. January 2024

Franz-W. Aumund-Stiftung

AUMUND Foundation in Romania

Commitment to the “Foundation of the Innocents” The “5 child policy” of dictator Ceaușescu caused catastrophic consequences in children’s homes, hospitals and on the streets of Romania, which have still not been overcome today. The AUMUND Foundation and AUMUND Group companies are passionately committed to giving children around the world the opportunity to make their […]

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9. January 2024

AUMUND Group Field Service

AUMUND Field Service on assignment in a power plant

Full assembly for increased availability and conveying capacity Two Drag Chain Conveyors transport coal over a distance of 20 metres in the power station at a chemical industrial park. The Conveyors have been operating for more than 20 years and are to be inspected to check whether improvements can be made in their level of […]

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4. January 2024

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Gustav’s Legacy

Do you know this gentleman? May we present Gustav Schade, the visionary and company founder. In 1879 in his forging and fitting workshop solid wrought-iron gates and rudimentary industrial steel structures were fashioned by his hand. He not only had a sense of what could be achieved, but he also possessed a decent helping of […]

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27. December 2023

AUMUND Fördertechnik

A perfect duo

Anne Passen and Dominik Keusen These two have really taken on board the concept of teamwork, citing two indispensable aspects as being able to rely on each other and standing up for each other. Anne Passen and Dominik Keusen do not only work in the same team and the same office, but Anne is also […]

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