Code of Conduct


The Group’s actions are governed by basic values which define our conduct in dealing with each other, our customers and partners, and society in general.

The five principles governing the way we treat each other are summarised as follows:
1. Alongside integrity, respect and fairness, compliance with these rules is fundamental to how we conduct ourselves.
2. We encourage others to work as a team in a spirit of mutual trust, and practice diversity of ideas in our thoughts and actions.
3. We act ethically, promote open dialogue and stand up for others.
4. Each of us acts and is seen as a role model, even beyond our normal field of activity.
5. The company vision and values are embodied by every individual, and are characterised by sustainability and social responsibility.

These values define the actions of employees in the workplace and externally. The complete AUMUND Group information and contact details can be found here under COMPLIANCE and it is available to download:

AUMUND Group Code of Conduct (PDF)

Symbols for the 5 points.