Personal. Efficient. And at your side worldwide: get to know your PREMAS® Inspector.

At your service, anytime and anywhere:
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Personal. Efficient. And at your side worldwide: get to know your PREMAS® Inspector.

In heavy industry, men and machines work closely together. One is dependent on the other: Machine downtime means production stops and delivery delays, which we try to minimise using preventive and predictive maintenance solutions – but the best maintenance strategy is worth nothing if the human behind the machine does not act.

PREMAS Inspection sends its experts to travel around the world to meet you on-site.

Men and machines operating together – the key to success in Preventive Maintenance!

PREMAS Inspection – your personal support on-site

Conveying machines are our business. Preventive and predictive maintenance is our business. But our customers, and therefore our priority – that’s you. Because only you can act, when weak points on your machines have been identified, proactively anticipate maintenance requirements, and plan necessary repairs and spare parts before your operation is affected.

Your personal support is therefore a major focus for us. And to cover this optimally, AUMUND has specially certified inspectors within the framework of its certification programme. PREMAS® Inspection sends its experts to travel around the world to meet you on-site. They are a confidant for our customers, take on an advisory role, inspect the machines and the condition of the components, and prepare an inspection report, which summarises everything for the customer and thus helps him to make better decisions and act in the best possible way.

All in one: Your confidant, your advisor, and your companion for all matters

We want to keep your machine running as efficiently as possible – that’s why PREMAS® Inspection is not only a personal but also a comprehensive service: From planning the inspection to inspecting the machine on-site, from fault and wear analysis to documentation and recommendations for action. You receive transparent offers, personal support for any measures as well as help with on-site installations and the replacement of spare parts. Our PREMAS® Inspector is not only an advisor but also a companion in all matters. He is an expert, confidant, installer, and single point of contact – whatever you need and whenever you need it.
PREMAS Inspection Wheel
PREMAS Inspection Wheel

Instant overview guaranteed – PREMAS® Inspection goes digital

Of course, the digital age has also arrived here. Manually completed inspection reports are a matter of the past. Today, the new PREMAS® Inspect app is increasingly used by the inspector: Depending on the machine type, the check is carried out step by step and the recommendation for spare parts and other measures is sent to the client online.

The client benefits from immediate and clear inspection reports, which are available in digital form and can therefore be easily forwarded to the right places. The inspector is more efficient and has more time for the important things – namely your personal support. We still believe that nothing replaces personal contact and that the best results are achieved by men and machines operating together. The app is a support for the collaboration but not a substitute for the inspector.

Get out the best from men and machines with PREMAS® Inspection

We wanted to know it exactly!
Three questions to Jorge Jimenez, PREMAS®
Inspector at AUMUND USA:

Jorge Jimenez
PREMAS® Inspector

Customers rely on our expertise but must never lose sight of production and budget constraints. The difficulty comes in convincing the customer side, where corrections and optimisations need to be made, so equipment continues to run optimally.
I work with the customer to review their current practices for improvements and make recommendations as to AUMUND’s best practices and procedures. We go through all findings together to show where the equipment is currently and where it should be. This creates a partnership in providing short and long-term solutions to keeping the equipment running, preventing unplanned downtime, and making the plant management and production team happy.
I appreciate the most, working with people over the years and spreading my knowledge for AUMUND equipment. Teaching and training our customers, commissioning new machines, implementing conversions on existing equipment, and making repairs on equipment to see them come back into correct operation and the customer happy.

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