Tighten your safety net – with PREMAS Inspection

What you see is not always what you get.
Shield your business with PREMAS® Inspection.

Tighten your safety net – with PREMAS® Inspection

We see our maintenance solutions as a safety net: if you keep the intervals, you’re quite safe. But – is “quite” enough, talking about the safety of your employees and potential downtimes for your machines?

If you want to know right now how safety and production are doing, simply taking a look won’t reveal everything. What you see is unfortunately not always what you get. Plus: those hidden cracks in the safety net are costly – in time, money and stress.

And this is exactly where PREMAS® Inspection comes in. We want you to see more, plan better and shield your business.

Shield your business with PREMAS Inspection

Safety is our top priority when we think about your employees. We want to share our knowledge and ensure that the machines they work with meet all safety standards. For us, safety means avoiding unnecessary risks, not fixing them.

Our service enables you to plan maintenance work at an early stage, so you can operate your machine as efficiently and effectively as possible. We thus minimize unforeseen breakdowns, unplanned downtime and save significantly on energy costs.

We know: Availability is everything for your customers. So keep your production and business running – we make sure you continue to have maximum delivery performance, no unforeseen costs for outage, downtime and low OpEx/CapEx.

Production and maintenance needs contradict? Not with us. You continue to produce at the highest level with optimum maintenance. This saves you from unnecessary downtime.

Keep your machines running and your employees safe

PREMAS® Inspection sends its experts to travel around the world to meet you on-site. They are a confidant for our customers, take on an advisory role and inspect both the machines and the condition of its components. You and your maintenance manager can trust our experts to find the best solutions and keep the business running smoothly – and safe.
PREMAS Inspection Wheel
PREMAS Inspection Wheel
PREMAS Inspection sends its experts to travel around the world to meet you on-site.
PREMAS Inspection sends its experts to travel around the world to meet you on-site.

Three options, one choice:
Our services at PREMAS® Inspection

Our services at PREMAS Inspection
Annual Inspection, a service from PREMAS Inspection


Our Annual Inspection will let you see, what you got. This reduces your downtime, makes your production consistent, and maintenance planning and inventory more strategic.

Diagnostic Visit, a service from PREMAS Inspection


Our Diagnostic Visit identifies the root cause of issues and thus eliminates potential damages. With our expert, you have additional resources to perform an in-depth root cause analysis.

Well Visit, a service from PREMAS Inspection


The Well Visit is an inspection performed as requested or as needed to ensure that the chosen solutions have been successful. So you can keep your business running worry-free – and longer than planned!

For more information, please contact your local AUMUND office.

PREMAS Inspection – whenever and wherever you need it
PREMAS Inspection – whenever and wherever you need it

Instant overview guaranteed – PREMAS® Inspection is getting digital

PREMAS Inspection is getting digital

Of course, the digital age has also arrived here. Manually completed inspection reports are a matter of the past. Today, the new PREMAS® Inspect app is increasingly used by the inspector: Depending on the machine type, the check is carried out step by step and the recommendation for spare parts and other measures is sent to the client online.

The client benefits from immediate and clear inspection reports, which are available in digital form and can therefore be easily forwarded to the right places. The inspector is more efficient and has more time for the important things – namely your personal support. We still believe that nothing replaces personal contact. The app is a support for the collaboration, but not a substitute for the inspector.

Get the best out of your machines and be safe with PREMAS® Inspection

  • Professional service from experienced inspectors – on-site and remote
  • Continuous knowledge-building of your maintenance team and experience sharing through our inspectors
  • Hands-on support whenever and wherever you need it (supplemental resources in case of lack of personnel)
  • Improved safety through regularly inspected machines and learnings how to deal with risks
  • Consultancy of how to run the machine efficiently and effectively (extend part lifetime, lower energy consumption, avoid wear and tear)
  • Detect weak points early and get suitable solutions to problems
  • Identify and eliminate the exact cause of issues and potential bottlenecks
  • Proactive anticipation of maintenance requirements and planning of spare part needs
  • Less failure costs
  • Improved machine reliability and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • High quality in maintenance
  • Wearing reduction
  • Timely planning of repairs and spare parts
  • Maximised production rate due to reduced stoppages
  • Reduced unnecessary stoppages
  • Increased uptime, minimised downtime
  • Energy savings
  • Optimised OpEx / CapEx
  • Optimised inventory costs
  • Low outage costs
  • Reduced TCO (Total Costs of Ownership)
  • Reliable supply readiness and improved delivery performance

We wanted to know it exactly!
Three questions to Jorge Jimenez, PREMAS®
Inspector at AUMUND USA:

PREMAS Inspector Jorge Jimenez at AUMUND USA

“I love the face-to-face contact with people and the opportunity to pass on my knowledge about AUMUND equipment. Together with the customers, I operate on new machines, rebuild existing equipment, and show them what they need to pay attention to. If everything works properly, the customer is happy – and so am I.”

Jorge Jimenez
PREMAS® Inspector

Customers rely on our expertise but must never lose sight of production and budget constraints. The difficulty comes in convincing the customer side, where corrections and optimisations need to be made, so equipment continues to run optimally.
I work with the customer to review their current practices for improvements and make recommendations as to AUMUND’s best practices and procedures. We go through all findings together to show where the equipment is currently and where it should be. This creates a partnership in providing short and long-term solutions to keeping the equipment running, preventing unplanned downtime, and making the plant management and production team happy.
I appreciate the most, working with people over the years and spreading my knowledge for AUMUND equipment. Teaching and training our customers, commissioning new machines, implementing conversions on existing equipment, and making repairs on equipment to see them come back into correct operation and the customer happy.

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