Design & Construction of machinery

AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON have their own skilled engineering teams all over the world for design and construction of conveying equipment. They are involved from the initial planning stages and implement specific design features to achieve the requirements of the machines. This forms the basis for the actual construction of the equipment in the 12 works halls of the production facilities at AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH in Rheinberg. Additional manufacturing is carried out by AUMUND Machinery Technology (Beijing) Ltd in China and AUMUND Engineering Private Ltd in India.

In-house Design
Great emphasis is placed on design at AUMUND. Design teams in the main technology centre in Rheinberg, as well as in Poland, India and China are the pillars of an international network of specialists in the design of machines and tailor-made solutions with utmost precision. This is because AUMUND machines are designed to fit exactly and to be integrated into production processes such as cement, chemicals or treatment plants, wherever they are in the world.

In-house Manufacture
AUMUND Fördertechnik manufactures products from its own extensive range, such as Bucket Elevators, Pan Conveyors, Drag Chain Conveyors and Silo Discharges, to name but a few, at its headquarters in Rheinberg, as well as close to its customers on site in the Transatlantic and Asia-Pacific regions, with strict adherence to AUMUND’s specifically high-level quality standards.

In addition to equipment which is ready to use, the AUMUND Group has its own member company, TILEMANN GmbH, which manufactures Bucket Elevator, Scraper and Conveyor Chains, ensuring single-source quality.

Stockyard and Blending Bed Systems
SCHADE develops, engineers and supplies Stockyard and Blending Bed Systems which are exactly tailored to the customer’s needs. The functions, requirements and type of storage are the factors which determine which Stockyard and Blending Bed System will be most suitable for the application, and which stacking, reclaiming and homogenising methods should best be applied. Stackers and Reclaimers are offered for handling capacities from 100 t/h to more than 5,000 t/h.

Covered storage systems are available for up to 800,000 t or 1,000,000 m3 in a single building. Open air stockyards are only limited in size by the length of the available space. Piles can reach widths of over 65m. Equipment can be supplied for circular or longitudinal storage according to the project preference.

The choice of Stacker depends on the type of stockyard and whether it functions as inventory storage or blending bed. For open air longitudinal storage, the Mobile Belt Stacker with a boom which can be raised and lowered or raised, lowered and slewed is used. Feeding is usually carried out with a Belt Conveyor and Tripper Car.

Reclaimers are always installed when bulk materials are to be reclaimed and possibly homogenised at the same time, and there are various designs depending on the purpose (only reclaim or reclaim and blending) and the space available. The range of models varies from Lateral, Portal und Semi-Portal-Reclaimers to Bridge and Portal Bridge Reclaimers.

Combined Stacker Reclaimer
In many cases it is not necessary to stack and reclaim at the same time. In such cases a combined machine is installed, which has a mobile portal structure accommodating both the reclaimer and the stacking boom.

Wagon Unloading Systems
Careful planning in the design of Wagon Unloading Systems (Wagon Tipplers) is very important. Capacity, material, geographic and climatic conditions as well as the desired degree of automation, and environmental and legal regulations, are decisive factors in finding the right concept for cost-effective operation.

SAMSON advises its international customers directly and plans the mobile equipment for their applications, as well as supporting the international subsidiaries of the AUMUND Group with technical product training and expertise. As a result of the excellent synergies within the Group of Companies, consulting and planning lead to international sales success for mobile SAMSON Loading and Unloading Systems.

Mobile Samson® Material Feeder
The Samson® Material Feeder receives bulk materials, for example directly from tipping trucks and loading shovels, or provides buffer storage. Its main advantage is a regulated and continuous conveying capacity to onward conveyors. The mobility of Samson® Material Feeders is achieved by design either as a trailer, on wheels or on tracks.

In fact the STORMAJOR® is a Samson® Material Feeder combined with a radial and luffing outloading boom to create a mobile unit available in tracked or wheeled versions. Depending on the chassis, the boom length can reach up to 30m. There are three different capacity ranges, 450m³/h, 750m³/h and 1.250m³/h. Dust protection measures, such as enclosures, help to keep the environment clean.

Mobile Shiploader
With the SAMSON Shiploader, vessels can be loaded dust-free, and the whole ship can be trimmed rapidly. By coupling the Shiploader with one or two Samson® Material Feeders, to create the “twin” solution, the entire equipment can be moved as an integrated unit and parked out of the way until it is needed next time. The conveyor belt design with three roll troughing idlers supports the belt in the structure for maximum stability and minimum weight, and can reach up to 28m if required. Remote control allows for the operator to stand close to and watch the trimming.

Mobile Eco Hoppers
Ecological Hoppers are used for importing dusty bulk materials such as for example clinker, coal, gypsum etc. with minimal impact on the environment. Monitoring the air quality and managing dust emissions are of paramount importance. The measures taken to protect the environment from dust emissions include an automatic counterflow purification system, compressors, an intake grill with suction capacity, a Flex-Flap unit to create a variation in pressure, as well as filters on three sides of the Eco Hopper.