Conveying Technology, Storage Technology and mobile Loading and Unloading Systems to meet ambitious requirements

WE CONVEY QUALITY: Whatever the industry or the application, and wherever the products of the AUMUND Group are installed, the focus is on innovation, quality and reliability, but most importantly on the customer.

Products and solutions from the AUMUND Group’s manufacturing companies, AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH, SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH and SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd are to be found all over the world in key industries where conveying and storage of bulk materials is required. These industries range from the cement, lime and gypsum industry, to mining and minerals, metallurgy, foundries, power, the chemicals industry, in particular fertiliser, the foodstuffs industry, and currently particular emphasis is being placed on conveying and storing alternative fuels. Precise conceptual design is a fundamental prerequisite for the cost-effectiveness of the plant, guaranteeing long-term reliability in material transportation between individual process steps. The more difficult the material is to handle, the more important it is to get the design concept just right.

To complement the stationary equipment from AUMUND and SCHADE, internationally renowned mobile solutions with maximum flexibility are the domain of SAMSON. Moveable machines such as the Samson® Material Feeder, Shiploader, Eco Hopper and STORMAJOR® can be parked out of the way until they are positioned for operation where required. This is a particular advantage on industrial sites where space is restricted, such as for shiploading or unloading in ports, or in all temporary, itinerant operations such as in quarries, in stockpiling and many others.