Mechanical Engineering

Innovation. Quality. Reliability.

The machinery design and construction activities of the product companies, AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH, SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH and SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd are clearly characterised by three central pillars: innovation, quality and reliability. Continual research and development work, constantly striving to produce the highest quality equipment, reliable service, ongoing training of staff, as well as the aspiration to always be a dependable partner for customers everywhere, are top priorities for AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON.

At the core of the Group of Companies are the 500 highly qualified employees in Europe, Asia, India and North and South America. Among these is an understandably high proportion of engineers, at 30%, most of whom are mechanical engineers. Technicians make up 22% of staff, and 11% are employed in the Group’s own manufacturing facilities.

Customers all over the world appreciate the comprehensive expertise of AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON, and in particular two overriding qualities: the latest in conveying and storage technology, and cost-effective solutions which optimise capital investment. These start with consultation and planning, continue through design of the machine, detailed engineering and construction of the equipment, to shipment to the operator and installation and commissioning on site. Supply of spare parts, maintenance and product training are also important parts of the package.