Ports & Terminals

Mobile and flexible Systems for Ship Loading and Unloading adapted to the specific requirements of Ports and Terminals

The AUMUND Group offers a very wide range of products for the import and export of material. In particular Shiploaders, Material Feeders and Eco Hoppers are in operation all over the world.

SAMSON Materials Handling has developed a range of ship loading and unloading equipment, tailor-made for handling dry bulk materials. Their specialised development delivers flexibility when operating on existing quays, as well as high performance loading, whilst maintaining the highest environmental standards for control of dust and pollution.

Mobile Shiploaders, Material Feeders and also STORMAJOR® can be operated independently of each other on any wharf, or be parked out of the way until required, so that when the wharf is not being used for the import or export of bulk materials, the space is freed up for other purposes.

The technology developed for ports and terminals by SAMSON Materials Handling has been configured as a system which is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the particular port or terminal where it operates. Mobile solutions from SAMSON provide the level of performance which would normally be expected from fixed installations, but with complete flexibility.

The mobility and rapid accessibility of mobile equipment gives port operators the opportunity to react swiftly to changing market conditions and often to take advantage of short-term contracts. Export goods markets change constantly, so mobile options can be selected in the knowledge that the equipment can be very easily re-positioned or even sold on if a contract comes to an end.