Welcome to the AUMUND Group

On 3rd August 1922 my grandfather Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Aumund founded AUMUND-Patente MB.H. in Berlin, the predecessor of AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH, and in so doing laid the cornerstone for what has today become the globally operating AUMUND Group of companies.

The history of AUMUND is in itself a testimony to a remarkable structural transformation. The company first of all grew from being purely an engineering office to become a regional supplier to the mining industry. Ultimately, with the support of a highly motivated team, AUMUND became established internationally as a successful world-leading brand in the cement industry, and subsequently in a multitude of other sectors where conveying and storage of bulk materials is required, such as mining and minerals, metallurgy, power plant technology, foundries, fertiliser, foodstuffs and alternative fuels.

The success story of AUMUND is also the story of many of our motivated and talented employees who have devoted themselves to the company, and who are still doing so today, with a wealth of ideas, strength of innovation, strategic conduct focussing on customer requirements, sound judgement, and exceptional personal commitment, especially of the company leaders, across all three generations of the Aumund family.

From an early stage my objective was to market AUMUND machines all over the world, and this laid the foundations for ensuring the continuity of the AUMUND Group into the future. Our products, systems and solutions which in the beginning were almost exclusively sold on the domestic market, are today supplied to around 150 countries around the globe, and around 24,000 references speak for themselves. Internationally AUMUND has not only set technical benchmarks but has also defined whole new technological standards.

Numerous subsidiaries, representations and Service Centres on almost all continents ensure close proximity to customers and cover local application requirements. With this broad international positioning, in combination with our financial strength, we are well-equipped to master any economically difficult situations which may arise from time to time.

Equally important for my grandfather, my father and me was and is our commitment to social issues and educational support, beyond the boundaries of the company and everyday business life.

Under the guiding principle, “Training and education of young people is the most valuable investment in the future”, the Franz-W. Aumund-Stiftung and the companies of the AUMUND Group assist with, among other things, giving children and young people from underprivileged backgrounds educational opportunities which will enable them to participate in society in a meaningful way. In 2021 my Foundation, the Franz-W. Aumund-Stiftung, AUMUND Fördertechnik and the companies of the AUMUND Group supported educational and social projects in Germany and overseas to the tune of around €915,000. In 2019 I also initiated the Aumund Foundation which alongside international projects in education and science pursues initiatives from the field of medicine. The future expansion of our philanthropic commitment will include the establishment of charitable organisations in England and Switzerland.

100 years after the founding of the company, a circle was closed in April 2022 with the establishment of the Prof. Heinrich Aumund Endowed Chair “Industrial Sensor Technology and Predictive Maintenance 4.0” at HTW Berlin (Berlin University of Applied Sciences) which is an ideological monument to Heinrich AUMUND. The chair represents practical and interdisciplinary research and projects my grandfather’s mindset into today’s world.

I am sure that the Group, and with it the name AUMUND – irrespective of myself – will remain successful with the current management for the long term and fulfil its potential for even further international growth.

Studies show that companies survive on the market for an average of only 9 years. The fact that AUMUND is able to celebrate its 100th birthday is an astounding achievement. I would therefore today like to thank our customers all over the world for their willingness to operate products and systems of the AUMUND Group. And I thank our 500 employees around the world who represent 30 nationalities, for their exceptional commitment.

Yours truly,
Franz-W. Aumund
Chairman of the Board
Rheinberg, 3rd August 2022