Chain Conveyors

Armoured Plate Conveyors and Drag Chain Conveyors: environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology for cohesive and dusty bulk materials

Chain conveyors are generally used when cohesive bulk materials such as chalk, gypsum, clay or raw coal are to be discharged from a hopper. For such applications AUMUND offers the Armoured Plate Conveyor type PKF.
Where filter dust or additives have to be extracted, the AUMUND Drag Chain Conveyor type LOUISE TKF is often used. Because this machine conveys the bulk material in a closed trough, its operation is not damaging to the environment.

AUMUND Chain Conveyors (PDF)

Armoured Plate Conveyor type PKF

The Armoured Plate Conveyor PKF from AUMUND is used in the cement, lime and gypsum industry for hopper discharge of crushed limestone or for cohesive raw materials such as chalk, gypsum, marl, clay or raw coal.

Functions and characteristics

  • Low construction height
  • Round link chains and specially formed scrapers for cohesive materials
  • Clean operation because hopper and conveyor form a closed unit
  • 2 to 5 strand versions (dependent on application and surroundings)
  • Discharge capacity of up to 1,800 mᵌ/h
  • Construction widths between 600 and 2,600mm
  • Chain strands for traction forces up to 690 kN
  • Chain strands with breaking loads of up to 1,000 kN per strand
  • Chain spacing of 400, 500 or 600mm

Drag Chain Conveyor TKF type LOUISE

The AUMUND Drag Chain Conveyor TKF type LOUISE has proved itself as a solution for environmentally friendly transportation of challenging bulk materials for many years all over the world. It is often used for mill feeding and filter dust handling.

Functions and characteristics

  • Forged and surface hardened fork link chains
  • Available in single or double chain design
  • High tensile strength
  • Reinforced sprockets (particularly in areas of high wear)
  • Flights can be selected according to bulk material properties
  • Horizontal, inclined or vertical conveying is possible
  • Non-slip material transportation
  • Dust-tight components also available in gas-tight, pressure-tight and water-tight design