Business Objectives


To promote and maintain employment security and development of potential, both academically and vocationally, in order to sustain the long-term existence of all companies of the AUMUND Group

The AUMUND Group is an internationally recognised specialist for the planning, development, design, manufacture and supervision of technically advanced, high quality machinery and equipment to solve sophisticated problems in conveying technology and related areas.

The corporate objective of the AUMUND Group is to secure the long-term existence of the companies of the Group and their employees and to expand within a solid framework by achieving a sustainable and adequate level of profitability. In order to attain this overriding objective, the strategy of the Group is as follows:

  • To provide optimum advice to our customers and offer them the best quality and most cost-effective solutions, whilst surpassing their technical and commercial requirements.
  • To this end, to continue to promote and carry out focused research and development, in order to retain a leading position in our specialist areas, to build on our reputation and to achieve new accolades, whilst retaining a central focus on the high quality of our products.
  • To sustain not only the expansion but also the stability of our operating base by opening up our products to further applications, industries and countries, increasing the range of customer-specific requirements which can be fulfilled.

In implementing this strategy, the companies of the AUMUND Group adhere to the following principles of corporate governance and innovation policy:

  • Academic and vocational training of their staff and development of potential for innovation whilst ensuring fair pay and conditions.
  • Making work processes as participative as possible.
  • Encouraging staff to work together as a team, both internally and facing those outside the Group.

All of the above is the basis for achieving maximum satisfaction among our customers, as that alone is fundamental to the long-term success of our business and of the AUMUND Group.