Samson® Material Feeders (fixed)

Highly efficient surface mounted Material Feeders for controlled discharge of bulk materials

In ports and terminals, in quarries or in other industries a stationary installation is often not the preferred solution for process reasons. In these cases, the mobile driven Samson® Material Feeder on wheels, or on crawler chains, from SAMSON Materials Handling is used to receive bulk materials directly from trucks, rail wagons or front-end loaders. Because of its mobility it is a particularly interesting solution, technically and economically and it is used in many industries and areas of bulk materials handling all over the world.

In the cement industry, in iron, steel and metallurgy, in power stations or in all other industries where a stationary Samson® Material Feeder is required, as opposed to a mobile one, AUMUND Fördertechnik offers the fixed installation version of the Samson® Material Feeder.

AUMUND Samson® Material Feeder (PDF)

Functions and characteristics

  • Controlled discharge of bulk materials for example from trucks and wagons
  • Suitable for bulk materials handling with front-end loaders
  • Appropriate for dry and dusty, heavy, humid or cohesive bulk materials
  • No bridging or blocking of the material
  • No hopper required
  • Little dust because the material falls only a short distance, and the discharge is volume-controlled
  • Highly flexible in operation