Smart conveying – with PREMAS 4.0 Predictive Maintenance Solution

Smart conveying –
Prevent downtime with
PREMAS® 4.0 Predicitive
Maintenance Solution

Break the Gordian knot between
operation and maintenance with PREMAS® 4.0!

We know: Running machinery and steady production are top priorities for your business. We also understand your challenge of combining optimal maintenance and maximum production: many crucial observations cannot be made at a running machine, so any maintenance work forces you to stop the machinery, which creates a Gordian knot between operation and maintenance.
Break the Gordian knot between operation and maintenance with PREMAS 4.0

See what you can't see, detect what you can't measure – thanks to Predictive Maintenance

Regular maintenance activities and routines are therefore often a challenge: Machines cannot be maintained as required, inspections are postponed and the condition of components, their wear, or even damage, are not detected and remain under the water´s surface. This is a risk for the availability of the machine and the production rate of the plant.

Developed for AUMUND and non-AUMUND conveying machines, we have a solution that helps you plan regular maintenance activities, detect machine weaknesses at an early stage and act proactively to ensure your operation is not affected.

Made visible at the touch of a button – anytime and anywhere by PREMAS® 4.0

Our Predictive Maintenance Solution is specifically designed for conveyors in the heavy industry. The latest sensor technologies are combined with data collection and analysis to provide online information about the condition of your conveyors – wherever you are, whenever you want to make the invisible visible.

PREMAS® 4.0 comes in a compact box and commissioning is as quick as it is easy: Install the Hardware, e.g. IoT Box and application-specific sensors, connect the field sensors and required plant control signals to it, log into the PREMAS® Portal – and then go back to production.

PREMAS® 4.0 Hardware – robust, IT/OT independent, and easy to install

PREMAS 4.0 Hardware – robust, IT/OT independent, and easy to install

The PREMAS® 4.0 hardware fulfils industrial requirements and is currently CE, UL and EAC certified. Specified on the type of conveying machine, you get your all-in-one kit such as:

PREMAS® 4.0 Portal – always one step ahead, 24/7 and on any device

PREMAS Portal – always one step ahead, 24/7 and on any device

The PREMAS® Portal is your secure gateway to all your machine data: It visualises the status of your machine in real-time and presents the results and calculations based on the collected data. It includes:

Say goodbye to unexpected downtimes, unforeseen failures, and high Opex/Capex with PREMAS 4.0 Predictive Maintenance Solution
Say goodbye to unexpected downtimes, unforeseen failures, and high Opex/Capex with PREMAS 4.0 Predictive Maintenance Solution

Say goodbye to unexpected downtimes, unforeseen failures, and high OpEx / CapEx with PREMAS® 4.0 Predictive Maintenance Solution

PREMAS® 4.0 feels the pulse of your machine, keeps an eye on it, and informs you when action is required. It keeps you informed in real-time about the condition of your machine, sends push notifications in case of anomalies, and gives a forecast of the expected lifetime of critical machine components.

Thus, it enables you to plan your maintenance, act in time, and prevent possible problems before your operation is affected. However, it does not replace your experts! PREMAS® 4.0 is your best buddy enabling you to set priorities in maintenance, decide what to do next, and act!

Let´s bring your maintenance
and production to the next level!

“We are convinced that predictive maintenance has a future. With PREMAS® 4.0, we can plan spare parts and maintenance better, which has a positive effect on resources and costs. It enables us to immediately recognise where action is needed, regardless of time and place.”

Customer Statement of Ramona Keller
Maintenance Manager
Jura-Cement-Fabriken AG

PREMAS® 4.0 Questions & Answers

The solution can be applied to any belt or central chain bucket elevator as well pan conveyors (type KZB), CENTREX®, SAMSON Eco Hopper, SCHADE Reclaimers.

PREMAS® 4.0 is not a conventional condition monitoring system but a predictive system. The main purpose is to predict remaining lifetime of belt, friction lining or chain. To do so, it detects anomalies already during operation and based on the condition of the components. Its algorithms are fed with knowledge of machine design and many years of inspection data in combination with the online measurements. Additionally, the individual PREMAS® 4.0 system learns from its pears and thus gets smarter with each system installed.
The PREMAS® 4.0 IoT Box provides two digital output signals for transfer to a PLC, PCS, or SCADA. These alarm signals can then be visualised in the central control room, triggering an action of the maintenance team. Further interfaces via Modbus or Profibus are under consideration as well as an API for data transfer from cloud to cloud.
The platform we use follows international standards for a secure environment. This includes ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System Framework) and (IEC) 62443-4-1 (secure development lifecycle). The cloud solution is hosted in a German data centre. AUMUND in cooperation with PREMAS AG is managing the access to the Portal. Only authorised users will be able to see your data. The user rights will be defined and approved by the customer.
For belt bucket elevators: the system predicts the remaining lifetime of belt and friction lining. Additionally, the belt stress is monitored. This smart indicator considers elevator starts, drifts, material level boot and temperature within the elevator. For chain bucket elevators: the remaining chain lifetime will be predicted. Additionally, the chain stress is monitored. This smart indicator reflects the chain’s strain during operation. For pan conveyors: the remaining chain lifetime will be predicted. Additionally, the system monitors roller and chain wear as well as missing rollers.
Yes, PREMAS® 4.0 has two types of notifications: The PREMAS® Portal provides notifications of warning and alarm related to the smart indicators. A signal-based interface between the IoT Box and the process control system is provided, as well as notification by e-mail.
Very easy! PREMAS® 4.0 is designed for Do-It-Yourself-Installation. The installation manual describes the necessary steps and enables a qualified mechanic and electrician to install the system. On request AUMUND will be happy to assist with the installation.

Installation of the temperature sensors and elongation sensor will take 4 to 8 hours of a mechanical fitter.
Pulling cable from sensor to IoT Box and mounting the IoT Box and antenna will take one / two days of an electrical team, depending on the local situation and cable ways. The IoT Box itself need to be wall mounted and starts automatically after power connection and does not need any local programming.

For safety reasons it must be stopped to cut to whole for the temperature sensors and to mount the elongation sensor at the tensioning device. Cabling and IoT Box mounting can be done at running machine if a risk analysis allows to do so.
The existing interlocks are not changed or impacted by the installation of the PREMAS® 4.0. The control and interlock of the bucket elevator stays the same. However existing sensor signals need to be duplicated or forwarded (via plant control system) to the IoT Box. This is true for the motor current, drift warning, level switch and speed switch.

The payback depends heavily on the local labour cost, cost of manufacturing (cost of clinker and cement) and production rate. With PREMAS® 4.0 the regular stops for inspections can be reduced. Thus, savings are related to the time / cost of the inspector. The gains are related to the hours the conveying machine does not need a shutdown (e.g. 2 hours of additional clinker or cement production)

Example: With PREMAS® 4.0 possible failures of the clamping connection can be avoided. Savings are related to all costs a belt crash would cause (manpower, material, damages). The gains are related to the days the elevator needs to be rebuilt and production is stopped (e.g. 10 days loss of clinker or cement production). Similar costs can be avoided in case of a chain breakdown.

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