Mining & Minerals

International Expertise in Conveying and Storage Technology for abrasive or cohesive bulk materials

The proliferation of AUMUND Group products in minerals and raw materials extraction is as wide as the range of minerals and raw materials itself. AUMUND products and solutions are the equipment of choice when the exercise is to convey or store particularly challenging bulk materials.
SCHADE machines are also an institution in minerals storage. Coal storage and coal blending beds in particular have been top of the range of products of this specialist company since it originated.
Since its beginnings, SAMSON has traditionally been supplying mobile solutions for bulk materials handling. These machines are specifically tailored to reliable and dust-controlled reception and transfer of bulk materials between conveyors, trucks, rail wagons or ships.

AUMUND Conveying and Storing in the Mining & Minerals Industry (PDF)

Products from the AUMUND Group have been well-known in international mining and minerals industries for decades. AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON offer customised solutions for conveying, storage, blending and loading of the often abrasive or cohesive bulk materials encountered.

The range of raw materials and minerals is almost inexhaustible and extends from basalt, bauxite, coal, dolomite, iron ore, fly ash, gold, limestone, copper, nickel, olivine, petcoke, phosphate, salt, sand, clay and urea to zinc oxide and many others.