PREMAS® — Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Solutions for uninterrupted conveying

Keep on smiling: Enjoy reliable running machines at low costs – with PREMAS® Maintenance Solutions

PREMAS® – Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Solutions for uninterrupted conveying

Unplanned breakdowns of machinery and equipment are the nightmare of every maintenance manager. On the one hand, the pressure to keep the machines running without any downtime is high. On the other hand, time and resources are limited, especially for regular maintenance. An imbalance that PREMAS® Maintenance Solutions wants to compensate for – with a preventive and predictive maintenance strategy that is crucial for smooth production at a high level. Especially when it comes to critical, safety- or quality-relevant conveying equipment and wear parts.
PREMAS® 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance Solution
PREMAS® 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance Solution

Our mission: Support you to avoid unforeseen failures and breakdowns with Preventive and Predictive Maintenance!

As a manufacturer of conveying equipment, we know that there are different maintenance strategies all over the world. We believe in the proactive and predictive strategy: it avoids production interruptions, saves time, optimises costs, and increases the reliability and production of your machines. That is why we have developed the PREMAS® programme: it ensures high-quality full service in the field of preventive and predictive maintenance.

PREMAS® 4.0 –
Predictive Maintenance Solution

Your priority: Running machines and constant production. Our solution: Predictive Maintenance. It combines the latest sensor technologies with data acquisition for online information of your conveying machines.

PREMAS® Inspection –
See more, plan better and shield your business

Best customer service thanks to worldwide inspection offers and on-site maintenance support. Get the most out of your machines – and get to know your your PREMAS® Inspector.

PREMAS® 360° –
Quality services in unique maintenance

Short downtimes, maximum production capacity, and all this at the lowest possible cost – get to know the PREMAS® 360° maintenance packages. A 24/7 support, whenever and wherever you need it.

Maintenance strategies
and the benefit of thinking ahead

Maintenance strategies
and the benefit of thinking ahead

What is the difference between Reactive,
Planned, Proactive and Predictive


Reactive means “Fix when it breaks”: This strategy is also called “damage-dependent maintenance”. Maintenance is only carried out when a defect has occurred (reactive maintenance). Main benefit: There are no costs until something breaks. Main disadvantage: unplanned downtimes and significant damages to machines can occur and cause high costs.


Planned means “Time-based maintenance activities matter”: Regardless of the actual condition of the asset, certain measures such as replacement of wear material or other maintenance are carried out on a rotational and routine basis. Main benefit: Maintenance and machine stops can be planned. Main disadvantage: Unnecessary costs are incurred, as some replacements are not necessary, and the parts could be used further.


Proactive means “I have measured the chore hardness – it’s time to change the belt!”: Here, you avoid damage before it occurs. This includes inspections, maintenance or replacement of parts that are usually not yet defective but may soon show damage. Main benefit: Potential problems are detected before serious damage and breakdowns occur. Maintenance, as well as necessary stops, can be planned. Main disadvantage: The wearing part could possibly have been used further until it really breaks (see reactive strategy).


Predictive means “Based on predictive analytics, the belt aging is faster than expected. We need to order now and schedule the replacement within the next 12 months.”: This data-based strategy is taking into account all machine data in real-time (e.g. useful life, wear, load, external circumstances such as temperature and empirical values). A predictive maintenance system constantly measures the machine’s condition, monitors key performance indicators (e.g. belt or chain lifetime), predicts when maintenance might be necessary, and informs maintenance managers about anomalies proactively. Main benefit: The maintenance manager receives information about the condition of the machine and critical wear parts at any time. He knows immediately when and where to act. It’s his knowledge base to act
in time, plan maintenance needs, schedule repairs and do inspections before serious damage occurs. Main disadvantage: Data is key, and the algorithm needs some time to learn from the machine. No data, no condition monitoring, and no predictive maintenance.

Each plant combines its own mix of the above- mentioned strategies, based on individual needs, goals, and requirements.

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