Stackers, Reclaimers and cost-effective combined machines

Perfect technology for covered or outdoor circular and longitudinal storage

Which stackers, reclaimers and combined machines are installed depends on the functions and requirements of the respective application. For each type of stockpile and function there is a particular method of stacking, reclaiming and blending to be applied. Stackers and Reclaimers are offered for handling capacities of between 100 t/h and more than 5,000 t/h.

Covered storage systems are available for up to 800,000 t or 1,000,000 mᵌ in a single building. Outdoor stockpiles are only limited in size by the length of the area available. Stockpiles can be as wide as 65m or more. Machines can be supplied for circular or longitudinal storage according to project related preferences.

SCHADE Stockyards and Blending Beds (PDF)

SCHADE Performance in Stockyard Technologies (PDF)

The choice of Stacker depends on the type of stockyard and whether it functions as a buffer or blending bed stockpile. For longitudinal stockpiles outdoors the Stacker with mobile belt stacker is used, either with hoist or swivel/hoist mechanism. Material feed is often carried out by a Tripper Car in combination with a belt conveyor.

Functions and characteristics

  • Counterweight either at the back or on a separate boom
  • Hydraulic or mechanical lifting mechanism (winch)
  • Reduction of building width is possible if lifting is only in one direction
  • Pre-programmed control of stacking method (chevron or cone shell method)

SCHADE Reclaimers are installed when bulk materials are to be reclaimed, and possibly homogenised at the same time, and there are various designs depending on the purpose (only reclaim or reclaim and blending) and the space available. The range of models varies from Lateral, Portal und Semi-Portal-Reclaimers to Bridge and Portal Bridge Reclaimers.

In many cases it is not necessary to stack and reclaim at the same time. It is sufficient in those cases to install a combined machine, which has a mobile portal structure accommodating both the reclaimer and the stacking boom.

Functions and characteristics

  • Dual-purpose machine for longitudinal storage
  • Cost-effective solution for applications where simultaneous stacking and reclaiming is not required