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Social Responsibility

“Training and education of young people are the most valuable investments in the future.”
(Franz-W. Aumund)

Franz-W. Aumund represents the AUMUND Group’s commitment to social responsibility, and he has continued the principal emphasis which from the very beginning has been on supporting young peoples’ education.

With the arrival of the international business focus introduced by Franz-W. Aumund, social commitment also took on a global aspect, with the Managing Directors of the AUMUND subsidiaries as well as of SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH and SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd dealing personally with the support of social projects around the world.

The creation of the foundations elevates the status of Group’s philanthropic mission. Since 2006 educational projects have been supported largely by the Franz-W. Aumund-Stiftung. The Aumund Foundation, created in 2019, is dedicated not only to furthering education and schooling but places a special focus on international science and research projects, in particular in the medical field.

The volume of funding over all activities in 2021 was approximately € 915,000.

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