Wagon Unloading Systems & Wagon Tipplers

Specialised and automated Wagon Unloading Systems for the most varied of materials and localised conditions

Careful planning in the design of Wagon Unloading Systems, of which Wagon Tipplers are the core component, is very important. Capacity, material, geographic and climatic conditions as well as the desired degree of automation, and environmental and legal regulations, are decisive factors in finding the right concept for cost-effective operation.

Heinrich Aumund was one of the pioneers in the development of Wagon Tipplers, applying for his first patent for such a machine back in 1929. Some of the requirements for wagon unloading have changed dramatically since then, such as being able to deal flexibly with different types of wagons and with almost fully automated operation. The SCHADE Wagon Unloading specialists confer closely with their customers to find the optimum solution in terms of material, volume and local situation for each application.

Video: Three Wagons Unloaded at a Time (Taman Seaport, Russia)

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SCHADE Wagon Tipplers – Three Wagons Unloaded at a Time (Taman Seaport, Russia)