TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Components

Expertise comes from experience

TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Components, formerly Th. Tilemann GmbH Gelenkketten- und Räderfabrik, Essen, Germany, has been known since its establishment at the turn of the 20th century for its proven product quality in a full range of chain types and components for conveying equipment. Over 25,000 references to date all over the world speak for the quality and reliability of the TILEMANN products, made in Germany.

As its international focus increased, the company was renamed TILEMANN in 2016, and has been under new management since then. TILEMANN Chains & Components was integrated into the AUMUND Group of Companies and became the exclusive manufacturer of AUMUND Bucket Elevator chains, whilst continuing to supply conveying chains to other reputable manufacturers of equipment for conveying and handling bulk materials.

Today TILEMANN provides single source services: consultation, chain design, production with the latest machining and manufacturing centres, heat treatment if required, packing and dispatch, all precisely coordinated and scheduled.

The affiliation with the AUMUND Group of Companies is proving to be particularly fruitful for TILEMANN. Alongside its own technical know-how in the manufacture of chains, it is benefitting from the international expertise of AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH and its subsidiaries in process technology, and also from the research and development findings of AUMUND in the area of bucket elevator chains.

Similarly important synergies are found when working with SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH (AUMUND Group) with its international experience in the application of scraper chains for stockpiling and blending bed equipment. This gives TILEMANN its strong unique selling point as a valued global partner for chains and components.