SAMSON Mobile Shiploaders

Mobile Shiploaders offer flexible and environmentally friendly export solutions for all bulk materials

The fully mobile chassis of the SAMSON Mobile Shiploader allows it to be operated anywhere in the port. Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to Panamax size. Loading capacity reaches up to 2,000 tons per hour, depending on the specifics of the material being handled. The SAMSON Mobile Shiploaders are a cost-effective and fast track solution with complete flexibility and can be combined with the Samson® Material Feeder Receiving Unit.

SAMSON Mobile Solutions (PDF)

Functions and characteristics

  • Comprehensive options of trimming equipment: cascade trimming chute, variable speed radial thrower, radial distributor
  • Optional cambered boom
  • Full powered travel with in-line and parallel motion
  • Can be used independently or attached to a single or double Samson® Material Feeder
  • Outloading boom with integral three roll troughing idlers
  • Throwers and chute distributors available with radio remote control
  • Levelling blade to provide controlled feed rate
  • Choice of power drives: diesel, electric, diesel/electric, diesel + electric


  • Provides-dust free loading to the vessel hold and allows for fast trimming of entire vessel
  • Powered travel; ideal for narrow quays
  • Slew ring mount between Samson® Material Feeder and Shiploader permits 180 degree working arc
  • By mounting the Shiploader to 1-2 Samson® Material Feeders, the entire equipment can be moved as an integrated unit
  • Three roll troughing idlers support the conveyor belt in the structure for maximum rigidity and minimum weight
  • Remote control allows for operator to stand close to and watch the trimming, rather than operate from a distance