Milestones in company history

Welcome to the AUMUND Group

On 3 August 1922 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Aumund founded AUMUND-Patente MB.H. in Berlin, the predecessor of AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH, and in so doing laid the cornerstone for what has today become the globally operating AUMUND Group of companies.

From its origins in mining, AUMUND entered other markets such as the cement industry, minerals, metallurgy, power plant technology, foundries, fertiliser, foodstuffs, ports and terminals, and alternative fuels. These are all industrial sectors which are heavily reliant on the conveying and storage of bulk materials. Numerous patents protect the company’s products which continuously undergo development by in-house R&D.

Günter-Claus Aumund followed his father in 1951 and established modern production facilities to manufacture conveying machinery for all of these sectors, supplying to domestic and international markets. Quality and reliability are the values which characterise the machine technology from Rheinberg and maintain the reputation of the company as a leader in many of these industries.
Since 1966 in the era of the third generation with Franz-W. Aumund, the AUMUND Fördertechnik brand has achieved global repute, with international partners and a worldwide sales and service network consolidating the company’s accomplishments. With a strategic vision, a wealth of ideas and enormous personal commitment, Franz-W. Aumund expanded the conveying technology portfolio with the addition of companies manufacturing storage equipment, mobile loading and unloading systems, and chains, as well as service providers in commissioning and logistics. Many mergers have strengthened the service profile of the group of companies for products in bulk materials. The AUMUND Group has developed into an agile network of companies offering process solutions for all of these industries. Today its almost 500 employees comprising more than 30 nationalities are proud of their achievements, demonstrated by 25,000 references in 150 countries.

The commitment of Franz-W. Aumund did not only focus on the economic development of the family company. He also established the Franz-W. Aumund Stiftung and the Aumund Foundationn to promote his guiding principle, “Training and education of young people is the most valuable investment in the future.” Each Group company is involved in projects in its own country as part of a sustainable concept which has been actively practiced since 1922.

In 2022, having been in business for 100 years, the company under Franz-W. Aumund celebrated a milestone in its history, which he had played a key role in shaping. But on 4 February 2023 the AUMUND Group lost the defining personality of its business development with the death of Franz-W. Aumund. According to his wishes, the Aumund Foundations are his heirs and keep alive the ideas of maintaining values, supporting people and keeping the Group of companies sustainably established in the market for the long term.

3 generations of the AUMUND family:

More than 300 years of combined experience unite the companies which make up the AUMUND Group:

1922 Establishment of AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH, AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH
1975 Establishment of AUMUND Ltda, Brazil
1975 Establishment of AUMUND Canada
1980 Establishment of AUMUND Corporation, USA
1991 Establishment of AUMUND S.A.R.L., France
1991 Acquisition of LOUISE Maschinenfabrik GmbH
1996 Establishment of AUMUND Engineering Ltd, India
2001 Establishment of AUMUND Holding B.V., The Netherlands
2001 Acquisition of SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH
2002 Acquisition of SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd, UK
2005 Establishment of AUMUND Asia (H.K.) Ltd, Hong Kong
2006 Establishment of AUMUND Machinery Technology (Beijing) Ltd, People’s Republic of China
2006 Acquisition of WTW Engineering GmbH
2007 Establishment of AUMUND Logistic GmbH
2008 Opening of AUMUND Office in St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 Opening of AUMUND Office in Dubai, UAE
2010 Opening of SCHADE Office in Bristol, UK
2011 Opening of SCHADE Office in Moscow, Russia
2014 Acquisition of Maschinenfabrik BESTA & MEYER GmbH
2016 Acquisition of TILEMANN GmbH Ketten & Komponenten GmbH
2017 Establishment of AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH
2019 Opening of AUMUND Office in Breslau, Poland
2020 Establishment of AUMUND Machinery Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd, People’s Republic of China
2021 Acquisition of KoWey Spare Parts + Services
2023 Opening of AUMUND Office in Indonesia
2024 Opening of AUMUND Office in Australia
2024 Opening of SCHADE Office in Mexico
2024 Opening of AUMUND Office in Canada