Conversion of a Bucket Elevator

30. May 2024

AUMUND Group Field Service, AUMUND Fördertechnik

Interdisciplinary Team Effort

Neither service nor spare parts were available from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of the existing Bucket Elevator. This was the starting point for the plant operator of a German chemicals company, an untenable situation, which was accompanied by frequent stoppages

Starting point
On site the Bucket Elevator which transports iron ore to a silo with a conveying capacity of 250 tph, was first to be inspected and then restored to acceptable performance levels with the appropriate measures.

Conversion measurements
The existing Belt Bucket Elevator with a centre distance of 21.6 m, a protrusion of 280 mm and a bucket width of 400 mm was to be completely renewed, and plant performance optimised by this conversion. Most of the steelwork could be retained, but new head and boot steelwork was required. Buckets, chute lining, steel cord belt (in place of textile belt), drive units, tension station and sensors were integrated into the existing steel structure by the conversion team.

The team effort
Only 11 days were available to the AUMUND employees to renew the Bucket Elevator head, to modify the Bucket Elevator boot and to replace the complete bucket strand. In this extremely short timeframe all interfaces between old and new parts of the equipment and the construction also had to be adapted. A conversion in a limited space of existing infrastructure.

The results
Two weeks in which the team of designer, engineers and supervisors not only mastered all of the challenges, but also during which the customer felt supported to the maximum. As well as improvement of equipment reliability, the fact of the longer service life span of the Bucket Elevator and plant security thanks to stable components, the customer also benefits from maintenance advantages since the conversion: The modifications to the steel structure will allow easier machine access in future.



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