Karl Woodhouse, Ely/UK, 1. July 2018

SAMSON Materials Handling

SAMSON Ship Loading Solutions for Copper Concentrate in Latin America

Copper products are at the heart of our power, communications and transport networks and a reliable supply of copper is essential to feed our growing demand. Surface deposits of copper bearing ore may only contain a tiny percentage of copper per ton and it requires considerable effort to separate out the valuable mineral from the […]

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Martin Dalbert, Germany, 1. June 2018

AUMUND Fördertechnik

Semi-Turnkey Contracts and Equipment Packages for Cement Plants Worldwide

Semi-Turnkey Contracts are offered by AUMUND to maximise the benefit of their detailed know-how in materials handling systems design but with the flexibility to allow clients, or EPC Contractors, to split responsibilities into discrete packages taking maximum advantage of specific suppliers niche products or services. Very often the process systems (kiln and/or mills etc.) are […]

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Andreas Markiewicz, 1. March 2018

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Dry Bulk Cargo Intake, Processing and Distribution.

Storage, Reclaim and Blending at Bulk Terminals, Process and Power Plant Automated storage and reclaim are now a fundamental part of all new bulk terminals, process and power plant; generally divided into two categories to maximise the flexibility of the raw material and fuel intake and distribution. At large bulk terminals strategic storage must provide […]

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Jon Parker, Ely, UK, 1. January 2018

SAMSON Materials Handling

Shiploading and Unloading of Bulk Materials used in the manufacture of Portland Cement

The AUMUND name is synonymous with the supply of high quality equipment to transport materials used in the manufacture of Portland Cement, so it’s little surprise to know that SAMSON Materials Handling Limited (a part of the AUMUND Group) are also highly experienced in providing material handling solutions from point of extraction to final reception […]

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