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TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Components

TILEMANN Chains and Components:
Core values make the difference

TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Components (from left: Thorsten Philipp – Head of Production, Fred Schremser – Sales Manager, Dariusz Heinrich –  Managing Director)

TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Components has been in the business of high-precision manufacturing of a wide range of bucket elevator, scraper and conveyor chains for around 120 years, and supplies chain-specific components for use in transportation and conveying equipment for bulk materials. In 2016 the company was integrated into the AUMUND Group. Today, equipped with the latest production technology, TILEMANN is not only the exclusive manufacturer of AUMUND Bucket Elevator chains, but the TILEMANN name is associated with high quality German chain manufacturing for all of its customers, who also benefit from comprehensive on-site support.

Most of the chains are designed for a particular breaking load, length of service or degree of wear-resistance. However, other parameters are also important key characteristics, in particular resistance to corrosion, and the ability to withstand high and low temperatures. With these manufacturing capabilities, TILEMANN advises  customers not only on the most suitable chain system, but also on the best chain to purchase for the specific application and prevailing conditions.

International experience is the key, because all chains are not alike
The synergies created between technology, manufacturing knowledge, experience in applications, and more than 25,000 references all over the world, give TILEMANN the capability to design chains individually on the basis of its customers’ criteria. “Whether we are dealing with a conversion or a modernisation of existing equipment, in order to design and engineer the right chain for a particular application, discussions with the customer, especially on site, play a key role. Many suppliers are not able to give this type of support or qualified recommendation”, explains Managing Director Dariusz Heinrich (see below). “This is backed up by Fred Schremser who is responsible for sales at TILEMANN, when he says, “We are only satisfied if the customer is, because we always strive for a technical and cost-effective solution for each specific requirement, which is itself dependent on the application.”

Industry and product portfolio
TILEMANN manufactures specific chains for many industries which use equipment for conveying and transportation of bulk materials, such as cement, lime and gypsum, iron and steel works, power, mining and minerals, chemicals and fertilisers industries, as well as in ports and terminals, and for conveying equipment for alternative fuels and general mechanical engineering.

The TILEMANN product range covers bucket elevator, scraper and conveyor chains:

  • For bucket elevators, light and heavy-duty steel plate link chains as well as heavy-duty forged chains are manufactured. The breaking loads range from 400 to 2,450 kN (exclusively for AUMUND).
  • The TILEMANN scraper chain programme for all manufacturers of stockyard and blending bed machines as well as scraper conveyors, consists of steel and block plate link chains with inner and outer rollers in various dimensions, with breaking loads from 400 to 2,000 kN. They are used for circular and longitudinal storage machines for stockpiles and blending beds, stackers, bridge-type reclaimers, semi and fully portal reclaimers, combined machines and cantilever reclaimers.
  • TILEMANN supplies either forged or steel plate link conveying chains for all manufacturers of steel plate conveyors. Specifically these are carrier plate, tie rod and support or track roller chains. TILEMANN has always considered itself a system supplier of chains, manufacturing associated components such as support or guide rollers as well as chain wheels and sprockets.

Single source services
TILEMANN carries out all services from one source, from consulting to chain design and manufacture, using the latest machining and production centres, through to heat treatment, packing and dispatch. Thanks to continuous investment TILEMANN has optimised its manufacturing process and significantly increased its production capacity especially in recent years. „“It is true that visually, chains are hardly any different to how they looked say 15 years ago, but the “core values” are what differentiates between competitors,” says Dariusz Heinrich. New materials mean that chains are becoming stronger and stronger, and at the same time lighter and lighter.

TILEMANN also capitalises on improved methods of heat treatment and optimised manufacturing and assembly techniques. For example during the assembly process the pressing-in force of the bolts is monitored continuously, in order to ensure that the fit remains exactly within the prescribed tolerance. This results in the best possible interaction between the chain and the drive and tension segments. Process monitoring is carried out at ever shortening intervals, and digital documentation is becoming more and more detailed, which provides exact records pertaining to the chain supply.

TILEMANN supplies the world over with more than 25,000 references

In-house manufacturing
Taking a look into the production halls in Essen confirms that TILEMANN has continuously developed its manufacture. State-of-the-art CNC machining centres, high-performance assembly presses with various contact pressures, and automatically controlled corrosion protection equipment for long-term conservation of chains, as well as the very latest CAD technology, bear this out. Project-specific and customised chain designs are visualised in 3D. TILEMANN is planning further investment in the near future. As Dariusz Heinrich says, “In order to expand capacity and do justice to increasing demand for chains, the production facilities will be extended by an additional workshop.”

Case studies from TILEMANN experience
The significance for our customers in practical terms of the slogan “Expertise from experience” is explained by TILEMANN sales manager Fred Schremser using three case studies.

Quotations based on drawings
TILEMANN often receives enquiries for chains for which only very old, incomplete drawings exist. This was the case recently with customers from USA and Moldova who both provided inadequate drawings of a bushed conveyor chain, and dimensions for the inner link of 14 mm and the outer link of 16 mm. These material thicknesses are uncommon in Europe, where 15 mm is customary. In consultation with the customers we adapted the design so that the new chain can be installed in their equipment with the standardised dimension of 15 mm.

Adaptation of material specifications
Chain material specifications received from customers as well as details regarding heat treatment, i.e. hardening of parts, are often not in accordance with the latest standards of technology and development. We are, however, able to advise customers and give them comfort that new materials or a modified design will not only be adequate for the operating conditions of the plant, but over and above that, the manufacture according to TILEMANN specifications provides the customer with the very latest material, optimised design and a more cost-effective product.

Minimisation of downtimes
In a German steel works, a large number of DIN 8187 fork link chains and bush conveying chains is installed in various conveying equipment operating upstream of the sintering process, such as a longitudinal blending bed, a drag chain conveyor, a pan conveyor and several spillage conveyors. The equipment transports among other things glowing steel castings between 20 mm and 150 mm in size. Downtimes of these machines are a big challenge for the operator. Every ten weeks a total of 36 hours are set aside for inspections to be carried out, in addition to an annual block downtime of five days. Plant stoppages which occur outside these times cause considerable damage to the steel plant, therefore any manufacturers whose equipment fails are blacklisted.

Our job is to identify weaknesses in the conveying chains and to make modifications which will lead to the equipment only being stopped when it suits the requirements of the customer. We will be measuring and identifying the chains during the next plant inspection.

TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Components in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia)



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