After Limay I, SCHADE has now also supplied stockyard technology for Limay II Power Station

Gelsenkirchen, 1. March 2018

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Two Tripper Cars with capacities of up to 1,540 tph and two SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers with capacities of 770 tph were supplied by SCHADE Lagertechnik, Germany, to the new Limay II power plant in the Philippines in October 2016. Installation of the SCHADE machines started in August 2017 after sufficient construction work on the project had been completed. Commissioning of the Limay II plant is planned for the spring of this year.

Over the past few years, SCHADE has won several orders for large-scale circular and longitudinal stockpile equipment in China, South Korea and other countries of Southeast Asia. The Limay II project is the third in a row in the Philippines, where the projects are partly running in parallel. SCHADE Lagertechnik, a member of the AUMUND Group, had previously supplied two Semi-Portal Reclaimers and two Tripper Cars for the Limay I power plant. This project was successfully handed over last summer. Before that, SCHADE was awarded the order for several machines for the Malita power plant project, also in the Philippines. Each time the customer was a concern from Taiwan which constructs coal-fired power stations in the Philippines for the San Miguel Corporation.

“SCHADE is taking advantage of the increased demand in the Philippines for circular storage and indoor longitudinal stockpiling with reclaimers. Circular storage and longitudinal stockpiling with Semi-Portal Reclaimers usually require lower investment. They can be designed completely covered with a roof and are therefore much better for the environment, due to lower dust emissions”, says SCHADE Sales Director Andreas Markiewicz. In all projects, the option to store relatively large amounts of material on a small surface area played an important role. Other advantages of the equipment were the ease of reclaiming and stacking the coal, as well as the suitability of this design for different types of coal, some of which can be highly volatile.

For longitudinal stockpiling SCHADE offers a large variety of enclosed solutions with its Semi-Portal Reclaimers, so that even large volumes of material (over 1 million tonnes of coal) can be stored in a small, enclosed area. In a circular stockpile, storage capacities of around 360,000 tonnes are possible.


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