“The AUMUND Difference” – A Chain is not just a Chain!

Rheinberg, 1. November 2018

AUMUND Fördertechnik

Industry has many choices today for conveyor chains. Most available chains are designed for a certain strength rating and expected wear life. However, there is much more to chain design than these basic parameters. AUMUND, being a conveyor specialist, has designed their chains to meet the demand of certain heavy production industries, based upon more than 40 years of experience, with over 18,000 machinery references in more than 140 countries. AUMUND assists not just to buy just a suitable chain, but the best chain for the application.

The chains used for those industries, not only meet the strength and wear requirements, but years of refinements to the design, also address the unique requirements of a large ball mill circuit bucket elevator or high capacity steep pan conveyor. AUMUND chains consider a wear life based upon actual pin/bushing pressures and the material conveyed, not just the thickness of the wear treatment on a pin or bushing, and the strength rating also considers the fatigue requirements in specific and well experienced applications.
These considerations not only have resulted in the best technology for the chain product line, as designed, but also in the thorough knowledge required to make the best selection from such an extensive chain product line, which is equally important. Many suppliers cannot offer this support and advice.

AUMUND has more heavy duty, highly rated chains in operation than any other supplier, such extensive experience takes AUMUND beyond pure metallurgy and mechanics for chain design and application. There is an art, as well as a science to the design and application of critical heavy duty chains for the industries AUMUND serves.

Forged AUMUND Bucket Elevator Chain
Original AUMUND Bucket Elevator Chain (photo AUMUND)


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