Steadfast against wind and earthquakes!

Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, 10. November 2021

SCHADE Lagertechnik

SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH of Gelsenkirchen, Germany, has for many years been a major supplier of equipment for bulk materials stockyards and blending beds in the Asia-Pacific region. This is again highlighted by the latest contract with Doosan Engineering & Construction, the South Korean EPC company which placed the order on SCHADE for the supply of two Full-Portal Reclaimers and two Stackers to the power plant operator PT Indo Raya Tenaga in Indonesia.

SCHADE Full-Portal Reclaimer in lattice-work design

PT Indo Raya Tenaga’s current expansion project, Java 9 and 10, will see two additional power plant units of 1,000 MW each at Suralaya near Cilegon in Banten Province in West Java. In April 2021 Doosan ordered from SCHADE two Full-Portal Reclaimers, each with a capacity of 1,500 tph of coal and a rail span of 71 m, as well as two Stackers, each with a capacity of 3,500 tph of coal and a rail span of 8 m, for this project.

The Full-Portal Reclaimers will be designed in lattice-work construction because of their size. This reduces not only the weight of the machines, but also the amount of welding work required on site, which was a strict prerequisite imposed by the customer.

The specific challenge is that the equipment, including rails and fixings, will be designed with the ability to withstand not only high wind loads, but also earthquakes. To meet environmental requirements, critical parts will be equipped with fire extinguishing systems, and a water spraying system will minimise dust. Supply will be in October 2022.


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