SCHADE tests bucket-wheel unit in a steam power plant

16. October 2023

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Combined machine in a longitudinal stockyard for coal

Experienced SCHADE service employees carry out the extensive technical inspections for these bucket-wheel units.

In addition to all safety-relevant components, this also includes a detailed inspection of the roller slewing ring. This combined unit, which is employed in a steam power plant in southern Germany has to meet a particularly high level of requirements: as a spreader and reclaimer, it combines the functions of a reclaimer with a bucket-wheel boom and a spreader. The bucket-wheel unit throws the material onto the stockpile employing a discharge tripper car and belt conveyor.

Bucket-wheel units are at home wherever large quantities of bulk material need to be reclaimed and conveyed in a short time. Hence they are primarily found in power plants, such as here in a longitudinal coal storage facility, but also in steelworks and ports. Thanks to their high throughout volumes and degree of flexibility, they play an important role in storage space management.



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