SCHADE delegation at the Lünen power plant

2. May 2024

SCHADE Lagertechnik

750 megawatts in the grid

A SCHADE delegation visited the coal-fired power plant in Lünen, which was commissioned in 2013 and is still one of the most modern in the world. With its 750 megawatts of output, Trianel makes an important contribution to security of supply – including 75 MW of district heating for the region. The visitors from SCHADE were particularly interested in the two coal and gypsum silos – and the technology behind the reduction in emissions.

Compared to other power plants, Lünen does not have a traditional coal storage area near the power plant unit. From the beginning, a solution with maximum environmental compatibility was favoured for the power plant: Coal and gypsum silos, which store the raw materials and – together with covered conveying into the power plant unit – minimise dust emissions. They replace the traditional stockyard. Different technologies remove further pollutants from every process stage of power generation.

For the SCHADE delegation, the visit to the power plant in Lünen was a particularly interesting one, not only in terms of storage technology, but also in terms of the optimisation of power plant technology.



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