RHI Magnesita orders six Chain Bucket Elevators for large project from AUMUND Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil, 14. October 2021


Global leader in the production and supply of fireproof products and systems, RHI Magnesita, is investing € 30 million in a new rotary kiln line for its mine in Brumado in the State of Bahia, Brazil, where magnesite, one of the raw materials for fireproof products, is mined. To convey the raw material between the magnesite mine and the production facility in Brumado, RHI Magnesita has ordered from AUMUND Ltda six Bucket Elevators with Central Chain type BWZ-L.

The AUMUND Bucket Elevators with Central Chain, with heights of 15, 30, 33 and 45 m, were ordered by RHI Magnesita at the end of 2020 and supplied in this year. They will operate in the Pedra Preta magnesite mine in Brumado, where the rotary kiln is designed for processing 140,000 t of magnesite per annum. The new line will bring an increase in production of around 30 percent.



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