Long lifespan, non-stop

12. October 2023

AUMUND Fördertechnik

Retrofit of a pan conveyor in a cement plant

The German cement plant produces and transports clinker with a grain diameter of 50 mm at a capacity of 200 tonnes per hour for the production of many types of cement.

AUMUND keeps stocks spare parts for equipment for up to 45 years from commissioning. This gives the customer the security that the equipment will remain operational in the long term. In the case of the German cement customer – instead of spare parts delivery at maintenance intervals – a conversion plus reengineering of
the pan conveyor with a 90-meter center distance were on the agenda. A technologically intentional update with numerous measures for …

For more security: the conversion guarantees reliable conveying of the cement clinker to the ongoing AUMUND Pan Conveyor. New safety guards compliant with the EU Machinery Directive secure the area next to the Pan Conveyor. Additional guarantees regarding lifespan and spare parts service are a promise to the customer of its
desired security.

For more sustainability: the new chain guarantees not only the stability of the Conveyor but also a reduction in noise during clinker transportation, and the Conveyor is designed for low energy consumption. By using existing infrastructure, especially the steelwork, costs and time were minimised. A further positive aspect is to
be seen in the improvement in the level of emissions, which was one of the major objectives of the conversion. This is also an important milestone in the improvement in the customer’s sustainability balance sheet. Alternative fuels and measures for dust and noise reduction are further important factors for the customer’s environmentally sound equipment operation on the route to “green cement”.

This conversion is therefore not only a plus for the question of plant availability but also a big step towards
long-term equipment lifespan and sustainability.



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