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Ely / Großbritannien, 1. September 2018

SAMSON Materials Handling

The new, updated design promises to improve handling and stability in the loading and reception of all kinds of bulk materials. The New Generation STORMAJOR® from SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. is available in three models:

  • STORMAJOR® 380 Series: for materials with a bulk density ≤1 t/m³,such as cereals, fertilizer or alternative fuels
  • STORMAJOR® 450 Series: for materials with bulk densities from 0.9 to 1.6 t/m³, such as additives, light minerals or fertilizer
  • STORMAJOR® 800 Series: for materials with bulk densities from 1.5 to 2.1 t/m³, such as heavier minerals or ores, sand and gravel.

The new STORMAJOR® design is the result of decades of experience with the previous generations of these machines from SAMSON. It combines a mobile truck unloader with a moveable boom. This versatile unit allows the operators of ports, goods depots and stockpiles to receive bulk materials directly from trucks, front-end loaders or other loading equipment and to load them into vessels or railway wagons. As the new STORMAJOR® is fully mobile, it is also ideal for the efficient stockpiling of bulk materials.

In developing the machine, the engineers considered its suitability for dealing with the wide range of requirements in ports and terminals, as well as making it reliable and easy to maintain. The boom is attached below its centre of rotation, so that fines do not collect in the bottom of the machine. The main transfer chute is completely decoupled from the conveying sections, which means that if necessary, bulk materials with particularly poor flow properties can be actively shaken to make the process more efficient. The standard angle of the transfer chute walls is already an effective measure to reduce the danger of bridging when handling different materials which do not flow well.

Each version of the STORMAJOR® has two travel options. A wheel-mounted STORMAJOR® will be towed, or a tracked machine will have its own drive. When moving the machine fully loaded, it can be equipped with additional outrigger support.

The new STORMAJOR® is offered with a choice of engine and drives. For example, the conveying sections can be either electrically or hydraulically driven. The self-driven versions can be equipped with diesel generator sets with various emission standards, up to TIR5. The main drive concept depends on off-site power supply or pumps and generators driven by the diesel generator sets. The “Power twin” sets new standards here with an additional distribution gear directly flanged on to the diesel generator set.

Thanks to a large range of extras, each STORMAJOR® can be further tailored to the specific requirements of the application. Examples of these enhancing features are additional outlet chute systems, various lining options for chutes and conveyor, dedusting solutions, additional enclosures for the conveying sections, operation and maintenance platforms, operator cabins and lighting packages.

The New Generation STORMAJOR® from SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. (Photo SAMSON)


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