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SAMSON Eco Hopper EH0618WDual Output Ecological Hopper for the Port of Rosyth.

SAMSON Eco Hopper (all photos SAMSON)
SAMSON Eco Hopper (all photos SAMSON)

Forth Ports owns and manages eight commercial ports across the UK including the Port of Rosyth which is strategically located for road and rail and provides an important connection with mainland Europe and the UK. The Port of Rosyth is currently in an exciting phase of development with a multimillion pound investment to provide a dedicated agri-bulk facility for Cefetra. The new terminal and improved storage facilities will deliver increased annual throughput and storage capacity positioning Rosyth as the main agri-hub for Scotland.

In developing this new agri-hub the safety of staff and protection of the environment is paramount. Forth Ports chose a SAMSON Eco Hopper to receive dry bulk materials as it offers a high and reliable import capacity whilst minimising the escape of dust and itis equipped with a host of safety measures to ensure effective and safe performance. This new ecological hopper conforms to EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Internally the Eco Hopper is approved to ATEX zone 20, externally to zone 21 and 22.


  • Maximum Density: 1.6 t/m³
  • Mobility: Tyre mounted
  • Capacity: Maximum 1200 tph
  • Typical Materials: Various including grain and aggregates
SAMSON Eco Hopper
SAMSON Eco Hopper

Key Features

  • ATEX zoning approval
  • Integral cartridge dust filters situated on 3 sides of the hopper
  • Telescopic Cascade Discharge Chute with dual outlets
  • High throughput up to 1,200 tph
  • Robust supporting structure and access platforms
  • Wheel mounted


  • Dust containment and extraction to protect the port area from dust contamination
  • Fast loading into a single truck from two telescopic chutes
  • Reduced demurrage costs with quick unloading
  • Minimise maintenance downtime and costs
  • Cost efficient design features to minimise dust
  • Easily manoeuvrable around site


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