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SAMSON Materials Handling

Sorfert Algérie celebrates 9th piece of SAMSON equipment for the Port of Arzew.

Sorfert Algérie is one of the largest producers of nitrogen based fertilizer in North Africa. AUMUND France has been assisting Sorfert for a number of years to develop their mobile materials handling process and has been key in developing SAMSON’s continued success with Sorfert at the Arzew Industrial complex.

In order to be able to provide a seamless supply as well as have the ability to increase capacity when needed, Sorfert Algérie recently decided to invest in an additional Shiploader.

This mobile Shiploader is fitted with the newly developed 46 m cambered tubular boom and discharges through a two-stage telescopic chute with a 360° radial trimmer, providing even distribution of the prilled urea throughout the ship’s hold at a peak output rate of 720 tonnes per hour.

Components are designed to be long lasting and durable, plus a host of anti- corrosion features have been applied including stainless steel fixings, protection of the hydraulic cylinders and any exposed sensitive components. Internally the Shiploader is protected with linings at material contact points. The production and spread of dust is minimised by means of profiled steel section boom covers and flexible transfer point seals.

The mobile Shiploader is easy to position alongside a vessel for loading with power-Inline, parallel and radial travel features, offering total flexibility for manoeuvring the Shiploader, which can be easily moved and stowed when not in use, leaving the quay area clear for the client to use free from any obstruction.

SAMSON shiploader (photo SAMSON)
SAMSON shiploader (photo SAMSON)

Key Features

  • Telescopic trimming discharge chute with a 360° radial distributor
  • Shiploader boom of lattice steel construction
  • Conveyor boom supported on hydraulic cylinders with powered elevation
  • Variable speed chevron cleated conveyor belt
  • Low reception feed hopper receiving from twin independent mobile Samson® Feeders
  • Profiled steel section boom covers
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion features
  • Climate controlled operator’s cabin


  • Rapid set up and operation
  • Easily integrated with existing equipment
  • Quick to position alongside vessel
  • Cambered boom reduces material degradation and dust emissions when loading vessels
  • Tubular structure provides greater resistance to corrosion
  • Containment of product reduces dust generation


  • Boom Length: 46m
  • Overall Loading Rate: 720 tph
  • Trimming System: Two Stage Telescopic Chute with Radial Trimmer
  • Boom Belt Width: 1200mm
  • Travel System: In-Line, Parallel and Radial
  • Materials Handled: Prilled Urea



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