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Container yard and truck handling at Rheinberg, Germany

Interview with Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck, Managing Director of AUMUND Logistic GmbH, Rheinberg, Germany, March 2021.

AUMUND Logistic GmbH, based in Rheinberg, is a reputable medium-sized provider of international logistics and freight forwarding services. This member of the AUMUND Group will deliver anything, from a single spare part to a complete package of machinery and equipment. It sends to or picks up goods from more than 120 countries for its customers, even in the most remote parts of the world. “With international experience in break bulk charter, container, roll-on roll-off and air freight, AUMUND Logistic implements optimised and efficient solutions even for the most technically complex and time-sensitive projects.” Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck, Managing Director, explains in this interview what sets AUMUND Logistic apart from its competitors and why it is the right choice of logistics partner.

Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck, Managing Director AUMUND Logistic GmbH

Mr Otto-Uhlenbruck, if a customer wanted to send a machine or a component either from a facility in Germany to somewhere in Russia, or from the USA to Asia, why would AUMUND Logistic be the right partner?

Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck: In today’s world, industrial customers favour service providers who are able to give the kind of qualified advice which comes from having comprehensive know-how in their field. It is not enough just to offer a wide portfolio of services. It is more important to have experts in the team whose profound experience on the international stage has resulted in day-to-day familiarity with logistics procedures which are classed as complex. These are the decisive factors which lead to the success and cost-effectiveness of a transportation project.

As a member of the AUMUND Group we have been mastering the logistics of machines and machine parts for almost 15 years, because our day-to-day business is the international dispatch of the products of AUMUND Fördertechnik, SCHADE Lagertechnik and SAMSON Materials Handling as well as working for the overseas subsidiaries of AUMUND in France, USA, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and India. This covers not only products manufactured in Rheinberg but also deals with machinery and parts which are collected from other locations and transported to a customer site.

Packing of parts for the SCHADE Wagon Unloading System for Russia

What services are provided by AUMUND Logistic?

Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck: Handling in Rheinberg covers all logistics processes from inwards goods through storage and movement of goods on the premises to packing, readiness for dispatch and shipping. Having one entity responsible for all operations ensures the highest degree of efficiency. Freight forwarding is by truck, rail, air or sea freight, for which we of course issue the required documents such as exportation and customs papers. In addition we take advantage of our proximity to the Western European ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, to engage in container trading, and packing and stuffing of goods in all variations.

What makes the difference between the services of AUMUND Logistic and other freight forwarders?

Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck: Logistics is not only transportation. We consider ourselves to be architects of logistics dealing with the whole supply chain. Nothing makes more sense than having people carry out the logistics who know exactly which factors have to be considered. Ideally this means that we are chosen by the customer as the logistics partner early on in a project so that we can be consulted on our estimation of the costs and possible risks. Because right at the preliminary stage we can advise the customer on all aspects of transportation in order to provide a tailormade quotation.

Specialised transportation of a SAMSON machine to Algeria

You have divided the logistics world into two halves, why?

Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck: Our comprehensive range of services is not only offered within the AUMUND Group, but also increasingly to third parties such as other industrial firms or forwarding agents. Third-party customers in particular value having a dedicated contact person at AUMUND Logistic who will support them through each phase of their project. The more interfaces there are to coordinate within a shipment process the more detailed and significant direct communication becomes.

The direct line to AUMUND Logistic is an immense advantage for our customers. This is the reason we have divided our teams into “westbound” and “eastbound”. Either the origin or the destination of the consignment determines which team from AUMUND Logistic is responsible, independent of the mode of transport (land, air or sea), or of the incoterms or type of order. On our map we have coloured the countries belonging to westbound (westbound@aumundlogistic.com) in green and those covered by eastbound (eastbound@aumundlogistic.com) in blue.

AUMUND Logistic eastbound (blue) and westbound (green)

AUMUND Logistic is not a haulage company with its own vehicles. How can you still guarantee punctual deliveries to all corners of the world?

Christian Otto-Uhlenbruck: AUMUND Logistic not only has a competent and experienced team comprising around 30 staff members, but the company also has a consolidated network of partners, consisting not only of global shipping lines but also general cargo firms, terminal operators and international forwarding brokers. These partners support us with their know-how, for example in the organisation of trouble-free local transportation in the destination country. We deal with this work on behalf of our customers so that they in turn can concentrate on their core business.

The AUMUND Logistic GmbH team at the Rheinberg premises




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