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AUMUND Group Field Service

Highest Standards in Installation, Commissioning and PREMAS® Inspections of Machinery and Equipment

AUMUND Group Field Service onsite
AUMUND Group Field Service onsite

Since 2017 AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH unites the AUMUND Group’s activities in the supervision of installation, commissioning and especially PREMAS® (Preventive Maintenance Services) for AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON equipment, which had previously been organised and carried out separately by the individual companies.

Teaming up the supervisors and commissioning engineers into the single entity AUMUND Group Field Service created a worldwide network and the ability to deploy highly skilled technical personnel in the near vicinity close to the customer.

The network is supported by the AUMUND subsideries having own supervisors. At any time – at any place customers always receive a consistent international standard of service.

Carrying out and supervision of

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Conversion
  • PREMAS®: Inspection and Maintenance Service
  • Technical Training
  • Repair Work
  • Spare and Wear Part Management

PREMAS® Preventive Maintenance Service – Worldwide
PREMAS® inspections contribute to increasing service lifetimes of machines and components, give early indications of requirements for spare parts, and make recommendations for possible conversions, or as a last resort new equipment.

As a result of on-site inspections of AUMUND, SCHADE, SAMSON and other manufacturers‘ equipment, at production plants mainly in the cement industry, but also in many other key industries, customers are expertly informed and advised on questions of maintenance, spare parts supply, process optimisation and conversions.

Installation, Commissioning, Process Optimisation & Conversions
AUMUND Group Field Service offers the supervision of the whole process from installation to commissioning and accompanies the conversions of machines. AUMUND Group Field Service engineers have many years of international experience in the optimisation of operations and will work out a tailor-made solution for the stage of production to be upgraded.

Rail track alignment control with the electronic AUMUND measuring roller

Process Optimisation & Conversions
Exchanging and replacing existing conveying equipment with equivalent products in order to modernise and optimise a process can be a technological and cost-effective alternative to a capital investment. If it fits into the current plant layout, conveying equipment constructed in a similar way can be exchanged like for like. AUMUND Group Field Service engineers have many years of international experience in accompanying and supervising the conversion activities on-site.

Spare & Wear Parts
Nothing is more important than speedy availability when it comes to spare and wear parts. The AUMUND Group Field Service has knowledgeable service personnel available to speak to customers and offer a full-service experience, because they understand the task in hand, create and follow up offers, and get the parts shipped. International spare parts logistics is also decentralised, and organised out of five locations: Rheinberg in Germany, Atlanta in USA, Ipatinga, Minas Gerais in Brazil, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong. This enables a rapid supply of required spare and wear parts.


AUMUND Group Field Service
„The aim of occupational safety certification is to provide evidence of an intact occupational health and safety system. The purpose of this system is to prevent accidents. The SCC, SCCP and SCP regulations set out clearly defined threshold values for the frequency of accidents and place your up-to-date accident statistics at the center of the evaluation.“

The scope of Certification
„Certification in accordance with the regulations proves to your clients that you are a company whose top priority is the health and safety of your employees.“

PREMAS® Inspector Certification
The AUMUND Group Field Service site engineers are regularly trained which guarantees a high quality and reliability of Preventive Maintenance Service worldwide.

  • SCC – Safety Certificate Contractors
  • SCCP – Safety Certificate Contractors for Petrochemicals
  • SCP – Safety Certificat Personnel Leasing


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