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AUMUND Fördertechnik

AUMUND Fördertechnik is optimising its customers’ supply chain

One-stop shopping for customers all over the world

Pietro de Michieli, CEO AUMUND Group, explains: “We at AUMUND Fördertechnik not only supply our customers with extremely reliable products of the highest quality, but also offer a comprehensive service package from a single source. One very important element of our full range is the service package provided by AUMUND Logistic.”

There will be a fundamental change with the transition of the Incoterms® rules. The Group C trade terms CPT or CFR will be agreed as a standard for new orders of machines and spare parts with contractual delivery to the destination port. If required of course, delivery can be based on the more comprehensive Group D provisions, DAP or DDP.

What do our customers expect?
Our customers would like their AUMUND contact to initiate the complete logistical processes on schedule, and to be able to provide prompt and reliable information about the status of the consignment. These expectations are fulfilled by AUMUND with the Group C provisions of Incoterms®, which again increases customer satisfaction.

What do the Group C and Group D rules achieve?
In future AUMUND  Fördertechnik will award all forwarding orders to AUMUND Logistic, and therefore offer the best possible control and the most comprehensive range of information regarding the shipments, right up to the destination or destination port. AUMUND Fördertechnik is creating the basis for a customer-oriented one-stop shopping experience.

What is the significance of the Incoterms® change?
As a result, all partners of AUMUND Fördertechnik will be able to focus more intensively and purposefully on their important competencies in their respective business areas.

We implement our full-service range by working exclusively with AUMUND Logistic. Our logistics partner experts carry out all storage and packing operations on site at Rheinberg and also offer a comprehensive logistics network, with over 590 agents in more than 270 cities. With this targeted concentration of logistics activities we guarantee transparency of costs, and price efficiency.

Contact to the logistics network is always via AUMUND Logistic

Advantages of the Group C provisions for the stakeholders

  • Dispatch and supply dates can be planned in a significantly more targeted way; valuable resources can be conserved and more efficiently utilised.
  • AUMUND Fördertechnik chooses the best supply chain solution depending on the situation, in order to completely fulfil customer requirements in every way.
  • The fastest possible delivery is achieved in every case, avoiding waiting times, and without requiring multiple coordination with third parties within the transport chain.
  • In special cases invoicing for logistics activities can be arranged through local agents, which can have economic benefits such as the avoidance of additional taxes for the customer.

Group C rules
The Group C rules, CFR, CIF, CPT or CIP, are selected when the vendor is responsible for all shipping costs up to the destination point. Once the goods are handed over to the carrier the risk of loss or damage passes to the buyer.

Group D rules
With the Group D rules, DAP, DPU and DPP, shipping  costs to the designated destination point are borne by the vendor. Risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to the buyer at the destination point. (source:

To download the Incoterms® rules, simply scan the QR code provided by AUMUND Logistic:





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