Installation and Commissioning: AUMUND Group Field Service uniform global standard

Rheinberg / Taman Seaport, 14. January 2021

AUMUND Group Field Service

AUMUND Group Field Service unites the AUMUND Group’s activities in the installation and commissioning of equipment supplied by AUMUND Fördertechnik, Besta&Meyer, LOUISE, WTW Engineering, SCHADE Lagertechnik and SAMSON Materials Handling, which had previously been organised and carried out separately by those individual companies. By bringing together approximately 60 supervisors working all over the world into one organisation, a global network has been created which allows immediate deployment of local technical personnel to any customer. The assignments are supported by supply of spare parts from five Service Centres, located in Germany, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. As a result of their international expertise and experience, the Field Service supervisors are often booked for installation and commissioning assignments on bulk materials conveying equipment from other manufacturers.

ommissioning of SCHADE Wagon Tippler Unloading Units at Taman Seaport
Two AUMUND Group Field Service team members during commissioning of SCHADE Wagon Tippler Unloading Units at Taman Seaport (©AUMUND)

An example: Taman Seaport, where Field Service accompanied the commissioning of the first SCHADE coal handling lines

At Taman Seaport, built by OTEKO Portservice in the Russian region of Krasnodar on the Black Sea, two new coal handling lines have been commissioned, with AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH playing a major role. The company received an order for supervision of both the mechanical and electrical installation of the Wagon Unloading System supplied by SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH. The SCHADE system unloads coal in one single tipping operation from two sets of three wagons which are coupled together, with two Triple-C-Frame Wagon Tipplers working in parallel.

Over the next few months more work is to be done at Taman Seaport, which will require the attendance and support of the Field Service supervisors, this time for the installation of two SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers for sulphur storage, and for the commissioning of a SCHADE Pivot-Frame Wagon Tippler for handling sulphur.

The order from OTEKO Portservice to SCHADE also comprises two more Triple-C-Frame Wagon Tipplers and two Semi-Portal Reclaimers. The expertise and experience of the Field Service supervisors will also be required for the installation and commissioning of these machines.

Taman Seaport has been expanded in recent years and is now the second largest freight handling port in southern Russia. In October 2019 President Vladimir Putin inaugurated the new coal unloading lines with the two SCHADE Triple-C-Frame Wagon Tipplers. Commissioning of the Wagon Tippler Unloading Units took place between December 2019 and November 2020. In this phase around 4,000,000 t of coal was unloaded.


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