Scholarship holders’ day at AUMUND

20. November 2023

Franz-W. Aumund-Stiftung

Foundation and group socially committed

Koblenz, Berlin, Freiberg … more than 20 students and their professors arrived from three university cities. Their interest in the Franz-W Aumund Foundation scholarship brings them together. “Education and upbringing of young people are the most valuable investment in the future.” In the scholarship program under the umbrella of the Franz-W. Aumund Foundation, the phrase coined by Franz-W Aumund has at least one new face every year. This social legacy is lived throughout the AUMUND Group.

During their studies, some of the master’s students took advantage of the opportunity to undertake practical work in one of the AUMUND Group’s subsidiaries in Brazil, India or the USA. Martin Elena and Felix Dreis e.g. reported on their tasks in the international teams and presented culturally astounding things. What all travellers have in common is that these practical experiences have changed their lives forever. Getting to know the technical heart of the AUMUND Group took place on a works’ tour and in the workshop by Anne Passen and Dominik Keusen on the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence”. An eventful day for everyone ended in Rheinberg with much technical flair in the team environment.



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