Commissioning of the first Semi-Portal Reclaimer in Korea

10. October 2023

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Four SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers in Korea

The first of four Semi-Portal Reclaimers for a 2,100 MWth coal-fired power plant in Korea has been operating there successfully in automatic mode since August. The two-block power plant, built in a former limestone mining area, supplies electricity to the southern region of South Korea.

Each of the four SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers is designed for a capacity of 1,500 tph, with peaks up to 1,650 tph. Semi-Portal Reclaimers are ideal for stockyards with limited space. If required the storage area can be divided into sections for different qualities of material. This type of Reclaimer is versatile and safe, and its optimised utilisation concept makes it extremely cost effective. The Reclaimer is designed to meet the ever- increasing demands in terms of reduction of impact on the environment. Power plant operators strive to keep dust pollution levels to zero. This is made possible by the storage area being enclosed.

The commissioning of the three remaining SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers at this plant is scheduled for the end of 2023. All Reclaimers operate fully automatically, and predictive maintenance of the machines is assured by integrated digital sensors.




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