AUMUND technology strengthens Turkish cement industry’s competitiveness in the global market

Rheinberg, 1. June 2018

AUMUND Fördertechnik

AUMUND Fördertechnik and the Turkish cement industry have been united in a successful business partnership for decades. Now AUMUND has been awarded another two projects, as both the Dinçer Çimento Group, building a new kiln line at its plant in Bilecik near Bursa, north west Turkey, and Aşkale Çimento, also in north west Turkey, count on the conveying technology specialists from Rheinberg.

The scope of supply to Dinçer Çimento includes three AUMUND BWZ chain bucket elevators with centre distances between 27 and 36 m, and capacities of up to 400 tph. These recirculation bucket elevators will be installed in the raw mill and in clinker conveying. AUMUND BWG belt bucket elevators, six altogether, will be installed in the areas of raw meal conveying, heat exchanger, cement silo feed and in the packing plant. The belt bucket elevators have centre distances between 25 and 145 m, and are designed for capacities from 120 tph up to 500 tph.

Two AUMUND KZB pan conveyors with a capacity of up to 300 tph and a lift of 38.5 m will be supplied to transport clinker to the clinker silo of the new line. Underneath the clinker silo three more 400 tph AUMUND pan conveyors will be installed, along with silo discharge gates. Another AUMUND KZB pan conveyor with a lift of 25.5 m and a capacity of up to 200 tph will convey additives.

Dispatch of the 15 AUMUND machines for this order will be in stages, commencing this June.

AUMUND Fördertechnik’s other latest order from Turkey, for Aşkale Çimento, is for a heavy-duty AUMUND chain bucket elevator for recirculation of bulk material for the roller press. It has a centre distance of 47 m and a capacity of up to 1,250 tph, but the distinguishing feature of this AUMUND chain bucket elevator is a heavy-duty AUMUND AU19 chain with a breaking load of 2,450 kN.

Example of an AUMUND BWG Belt Bucket Elevator (photo AUMUND)
Example of an AUMUND BWG Belt Bucket Elevator (photo AUMUND)


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