AUMUND GROUP launches new PREMAS® 360° Maintenance Packages worldwide

Atlanta, USA, 17. November 2021

AUMUND Corporation

Predictive Maintenance Solutions: AUMUND Group announces the launch of its PREMAS® 360° Packages. Combining AUMUND services into unique packages at one price, AUMUND provides all-around maintenance support, wherever and whenever needed. These packages bundle extended warranties, offer physical inspections, cutting-edge industry 4.0 (IoT) and constant monitoring of AUMUND and non-AUMUND conveying equipment, technical training, as well as inventory, warehouse facilities, emergency remote support and full maintenance consulting programs. Achieving high production while maintaining high machine reliability is challenging.

Cement plant maintenance technician receiving AUMUND remote support via A/R glasses

Dr. Pietro de Michieli, Managing Director at AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH, emphasizes: “With PREMAS® 360° AUMUND puts customer service to the forefront. Our goal is to reassure machine availability and reliability through the simplicity and flexibility of a fully bundled maintenance solution, to be a partner to our customers assisting them to reach operation excellence”.

The expectations put on maintenance managers are high:
Production managers expect high machine reliability, short downtime, maximum capacity, and all at the lowest costs. AUMUND has a deep understanding of these challenges and is committed to working side-by-side with customers to realize these targets.

There are three core maintenance packages:
Basic, Advanced, and Premium. All packages can be adjusted as needed.

PREMAS® 360º Packages for AUMUND & non-AUMUND conveying machines



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