TILEMANN has record turnover with Chains for Semi-Portal Reclaimer

Essen, Germany, 5. May 2021


At the beginning of the year TILEMANN GmbH, specialist manufacturer of Bucket Elevator Chains, Scraper Chains and Conveyor Chains, continued its trend of strong business, in particular with Scraper Chains. TILEMANN produced the chains for four SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers destined for South Korea. The chains, at a total length of 904m comprise 1,800 links and are designed for a breaking load of 1,600kN.

First lot of the total of 904m Scraper Chains for South Korea, ready for pick-up

TILEMANN Chains & Components, formerly Th. TILEMANN GmbH Chains & Chain Wheels, has been known since its establishment at the turn of the 20th century for its proven product quality in a full range of chain types and components for conveying machinery and equipment.

As its international focus increased, the company was renamed TILEMANN in 2016, and integrated into the AUMUND Group of Companies. Today TILEMANN provides single source services: consultation, chain design, production with the latest machining and manufacturing centres, heat treatment, packing and dispatch.


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