Efficient, wear-resistant loading of clinker into trucks, trains or ships with integrated de-dusting and optional automatic operation

The AUMUND Telescopic Chute type TS with integrated de-dusting and automatic operation is an efficient solution for loading clinker into trucks or ships at high or low capacities.

A Telescopic Chute which is designed for high capacities and a fast succession of loading operations reaches a capacity of more than 700 tph and is in operation in over 200 plants all over the world.

If a plant only has approximately 5 loading operations per day and a capacity of 100 to 150 tph, the lighter version will be appropriate. With its reduced number of segments, smaller winch and lower de-dusting volume, this is a cost-effective solution for plants with low or middle-sized handling capacity.

The main characteristics of the AUMUND Telescopic Chute are the adjustable loading capacity, the automated lifting of the chute during the loading operation and the de-dusted loading spout. For clinker loading the chute is offered in wear-resistant design. As a standard, the Telescopic Chute is offered with a lifting motion of 2,500 to 6,000mm. Special designs are available for individual application.