Predictive Maintenance Solution

In combination with regular PREMAS® inspections for preventive maintenance, uninterrupted operation is supported digitally by PREMAS® 4.0 Predictive Maintenance Solution. The latest sensor technology is combined with data processing and analysis to allow online monitoring of equipment on a mobile device. As well as the “health check” of a machine, PREMAS® 4.0 supplies an estimate of the remaining service lifetime of critical components, allowing proactive planning and implementation of measures in time to prevent possible problems. Customers also have machinery manuals, spare parts information and contact details at their fingertips.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Information about the condition of your conveying equipment in real time, constantly and everywhere
  • No need to stop the machine for a conventional inspection
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of possible vulnerabilities
  • Access to measurements from anywhere
  • Timely planning of repairs and spare parts
  • Reduced running costs and reliable operation

AUMUND PREMAS®4.0 BWG Spec-Data Sheets (PDF)

AUMUND PREMAS®4.0 BWZ Spec-Data Sheets (PDF)