Scott Martin

14. February 2024


The new Head of the Global Conversion Team

The Global AUMUND Conversion Team is a collaborative force, drawing expertise from three AUMUND product companies and subsidiaries around the world, to enhance equipment reliability for optimal productivity.

Our success story unfolds in the synergy of global expertise, where the AUMUND Group’s extensive experience is the backbone. As Head of the Global Conversion Team, Scott Martin leads an aggressive and holistic conversion approach that unlocks new heights of productivity for clients through the modernization of both AUMUND and non-AUMUND equipment.

Scott defines the Group’s mission as “We ensure equipment reliability, today and tomorrow, through creative and engineered solutions which allow us to successfully tackle complex project requirements”. He reinforces and strengthens this vision as well as the flow of technical and sales information among the Group.

Scott is active in the North American market and can be found repping the “A” at trade shows, customer sites, and on Teams calls. Join us in optimizing your equipment’s reliability and unlocking new heights of productivity with the AUMUND Global Conversion Team!



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