Gustav’s Legacy

4. January 2024

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Do you know this gentleman?

May we present Gustav Schade, the visionary and company founder. In 1879 in his forging and fitting workshop solid wrought-iron gates and rudimentary industrial steel structures were fashioned by his hand.

He not only had a sense of what could be achieved, but he also possessed a decent helping of inventive talent. He was an absolute pioneer in his manufacture of coal transportation wagons, an unusual product which earned him the nickname “Wheelbarrow Gustav”. This transportation wagon was his springboard to success in the booming German coalmining industry. He did not realise at the time that his small business would one day build the largest storage technology machines in the world.

Curious for more history? Then follow the SCHADE journey through 145 years of its development, each month a new peek behind the scenes …

For further information: SCHADE LAGERTECHNIK



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