Preventive Maintenance Service

Preventive inspections from PREMAS® Preventive Maintenance Service always have the advantage of helping to maintain the efficiency and therefore cost-effectiveness of machinery and equipment over long periods, and often result in enhanced performance. In all cases, unnecessary downtimes are minimised or even eliminated.

PREMAS® inspections contribute to increasing service lifetimes of machines and components, give early indications of requirements for spare parts, and make recommendations for possible conversions, or as a last resort new equipment. As a result of on-site inspections of AUMUND, SCHADE, SAMSON and other manufacturers‘ equipment, at production facilities mainly in the cement industry, but also in many other key industries, customers are expertly informed and advised on questions of maintenance, spare parts supply, process optimisation and conversions. The service is constantly being expanded to cover other industries where AUMUND equipment or similar products made by other manufacturers are in operation. An inspection report is created on site at the machine by the qualified supervisor using the PREMAS® Inspect App and is the basis for all further actions.

PREMAS® Inspect App

Hand-written inspection reports are a thing of the past. Increasingly the supervisors use the new PREMAS® Inspect App. The application goes through the specific checks for the type of machine, followed by the recommendation for spare parts and other measures to be undertaken, and the results are transmitted online to the customer on the day.

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