Conveyor retrofit during operation

7. November 2023

AUMUND Fördertechnik

AUMUND Team revamps drag chain conveyor

5 November 2023: In two very short timeframes a drag chain conveyor installed in 2017 had to be revamped. The reason: The German client, one of the largest recyclers of ferrous residues and pig iron manufacturers, wished to install a new silo above a conveyor.

Coal with a particle size of 80mm is extracted from the silo and transported by belt. The drag chain conveyor is designed with a double-strand featuring a 200mm pitch and a chain width of 800mm. The center distance totals over 7.5m.

The revamp required smooth collaboration between the AUMUND team consisting of engineering and assembly. The existing steel structure had to be adapted in numerous areas and the covers, slide gates and flaps had to be replaced. A new connection system had to be installed between conveyor and silo.

In two short timeframes – and thanks to team effort – the contract was fulfilled in its entirety.



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