AUMUND Field Service on assignment in a power plant

9. January 2024

AUMUND Group Field Service

Full assembly for increased availability and conveying capacity

Two Drag Chain Conveyors transport coal over a distance of 20 metres in the power station at a chemical industrial park. The Conveyors have been operating for more than 20 years and are to be inspected to check whether improvements can be made in their level of availability.

On site the AUMUND Team from Field Service made an initial assessment of all required measures. On the basis of the transparent inspection results, the operator decided to extend the job to a complete overhaul package, which alongside availability would also achieve an improved performance of the conveying equipment.

The optimised maintenance package was adapted to the condition of the machine to include repair and spare parts supply as well as specific measures to improve performance. Working closely with the operator of the plant and with the aid of reliable cost planning, the order was completed successfully on hand-over of the assembly and safety documentation.

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