A perfect duo

27. December 2023

AUMUND Fördertechnik

Anne Passen and Dominik Keusen

These two have really taken on board the concept of teamwork, citing two indispensable aspects as being able to rely on each other and standing up for each other. Anne Passen and Dominik Keusen do not only work in the same team and the same office, but Anne is also Dominik’s mentor, as he will step into her shoes from 2024.

“A handover like this is unique,” says Dominik, who is benefitting from the openness and experience. Anne appreciates her former apprentice very much, saying, “He doesn’t only set objectives, he also keeps promises,” and adds jokingly, “I am learning a lot from Dominik, even this new-fangled stuff which will set me up well to converse with all these young people.”

The desire to do something for others brings the two of them together beyond work. Anne and Dominik support the Aumund Foundation as “door openers” for promising scholarship students, two people who give plenty of encouragement for the future.

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